Find Dive Bars Near Me

If you’ve ever asked Google to “find dive bars near me” in Portland, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve created this nifty map of the Portland dive bars that we have reviewed so you can find dive bars that you want to visit!

We also realized that Portlanders often like to stay in their area of town, so we categorized the dive bars according to which of the five Portland “quadrants” they are in:

Cocktails sign - Portland Dive Bars

      After you find a bar that interests you, click the name of the bar on the map to see our review by KC and the amazing pictures by Steven.

      And don’t forget: always check with the specific dive bar before heading to it, as business hours change and (sadly) sometimes dive bars go out of business! We work hard to make sure that our information is current, but it’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

      If you don’t see a location that you love on our map, please reach out to us through our Instagram or Facebook pages to let us know where we should try next! We love our dive bar afficionado community, and we appreciate every tip that we get to try out someplace new!