The Mousetrap Tavern

The Mouse Trap Tavern Portland Dive Bars Photos by Steven Shomler


The Mouse Trap Tavern Portland Dive Bars Photos by Steven Shomler

Mousetrap Tavern

Mousetrap Tavern is a cute neighborhood-y place. It’s a little light inside and the service is a bit too friendly for this to be a traditional dive bar. It has a good long bar with comfy barstools which have backs for when you are ready to belly up for an extended period. 6 taps, 2 of them craft, full bar.

Mousetrap Tavern has an extensive fried foods menu. We partook of a fried feast that included mini corn dogs, jalapeno poppers, and well-crafted tots with a variety of dipping sauces including sweet chili sauce. All delicious, and thank god for Lipitor.

They serve breakfast, which is always a plus, but, it is a very minimal menu. 3 Pool tables. Video poker (duh). Back patio, but no heaters. Weird but clean bathroom.

In short, I’d stop in if I was in the area, but I would not make a special trip.

 Address:  2305 N Lombard St, Portland – [Google Map]


Quadrant: North Portland

Happy Hours: 11-4 daily

Full kitchen: Yes

Jalapeno Poppers: Yes

Breakfast: Yes, but limited

Outdoor Seating: Yes

Distinguishing features: Solid neighborhood joint. Extensive fried foods menu, if that’s your thing

Co-Conspirator’s Note (Arthur): Mousetrap Tavern is one of the select few Portland dive bars that actually has its own website–and their is pretty darned good. (This factor may be a disqualifying point in the argument over whether this is a full-on dive bar, dive bar lite, or honorable mention.) Their site even includes a menu, but considering the site also still includes a link to a Christmas fundraiser, I wouldn’t count on its being current on items or prices!

Article by KC Shomler

Photos by Steven Shomler

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